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HuntFishTravel Podcast with CarrieZ, a Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Bowhunting Podcast. - Hunt Fish Travel and The Wild World of Carrie Z

Apr 28, 2014

In this episode Rachel and I sit down with Blair Michele from Spectra Shot to talk about their Field Staff program, what the heck a “Rugaroo” is, why shooting different colored shot saves a lot of arguments and provides more accurate scoring for skeet and trap. And then he explains to us the technical details about...

Apr 18, 2014

Lease land for deer hunting they said.

It'll be fun they said.

Yeah, not so much. This week I'm joined by my new co-host Rachel and Jay Scott from the Big Buck Registry Big Buck Podcast.

In this episode I tell my story of leasing land in Waushara County, Wisconsin and why I'm disinclined to repeat the...

Apr 4, 2014

Julie Mogenis of World Wide Adventures TV visits us to talk about her inspirational journey to overcome death and go on to accomplish one of the world's greatest feats.

And why you should always make sure your gun is actually unloaded.

Watch her amazing video "A Day in the Life of Judge Julie Mogenis" here:...