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HuntFishTravel Podcast with CarrieZ, a Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Bowhunting Podcast. - Hunt Fish Travel and The Wild World of Carrie Z

Aug 28, 2014

This week we're joined by Kevin Wallenfang from the WI DNR. Rachel and I ask him every question we can think of and he's kind enough to break it all down for us.

Aug 20, 2014

Fall is hunting season. Yes, we know. But it's also the best fishing season too! This week we are talking to pro tournament anglers Jeff Otis and Scott Ludwig. They are going to let us in on some of the fishing tactics the pro's use so we can all catch dinner too!
Plus Rachel got a new dog, listen in to the story of how...

Aug 19, 2014

A special series highlighting women in the outdoors. Mia Anstine columnist at the Women’s Outdoor News joins us to talk about Little Gal, some upcoming ladies hunts and some seriously funny elk stories.

Aug 14, 2014

This week I'm joined by Phillip Johnson of Tall Tine Bowstrings and Glacial Lakes Archery.

He gives us the run down on what we should be doing to get ready for the upcoming archery hunting season.