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HuntFishTravel Podcast with CarrieZ, a Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Bowhunting Podcast. - Hunt Fish Travel and The Wild World of Carrie Z

Feb 24, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 135 - Success in Michigan and Hunting Illinois with Sharkey Outfitters"

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Brandon Hammonds of the Take Aim Outdoors Podcast joins me as a special co-host this week.

We're talking to Rob Sharkey of Sharkey Outfitters about hunting Illinois with his unique almost DIY style outfit.

01:15 Brandon tells us the story about his Michigan buck.

02:50 Non Resident MI Tag Increase

04:15 Sharkey Outfitters

05:30 DIY and Outfitting crossover

07:30 Why consider IL for whitetails

08:00 Nightmare tales from an Outfitter

10:45 Travel Logistics

11:30 Haunted Hunting Lodge!!

14:00 Non Resident tag costs

14:45 Favorite B&B - Shallowbrook

15:30 Carrie's shotgun season hunt

25:30 Final tips for incoming hunters.

26:30 Where to find Sharkey Outfitters

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