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Mar 9, 2016

Ep 137 Interview with Patrick Flanigan, Turkey Hunting and Hilariously Random Subjects

Show notes:

One of the most random episodes I’ve ever recorded, Patrick Flanigan stops by to chat about what’s going on with the Xtreme Team, the Spray & Pray Tour and what the future holds for him.

And then we reminisce about turkey hunting, plan my 40th birthday in Hawaii and head down about a dozen random rabbit holes.

It’s pretty amusing…


05:30 What kind of hunting Patrick enjoys | 

08:11 The biggest difference hunting Oshkosh, WI vs Black Hills, SD | 

11:10 How he got involved in extreme shooting in the first place. | 

12:50 9 Time World Record - what they all are. | 

15:00 Guinness World Record for Drumming | 

17:45 Our musical tastes | 

18:35 Deer Hunting season wrap up | 

21:00 Mule deer hunting in SD and scheduling woes | 

23:00 SD Trespassers and how he deals with them | 

23:45 Spray & Pray Tour (Patrick’s mentored show) | 

27:45 Hawaiian epicness for Carrie's 40th birthday | 

29:15 Patrick’s top 3 tips for new shooters | 

30:15 A little motivation for the listeners | 

32:55 Did you know Patrick has three daughters? A blond, a red head and a brunette! | 

34:55 Blooper - Patrick’s most embarrassing (but funny) blooper. | 

39:05 Patrick’s most favorite memory of being in the business. | 

44:25 Dealing with haters and womanizing in the industry | 

50:05 A saturated market - how to stand out | 

56:30 Motivational speaking gigs | 

57:18 What's up for 2016 | 

1:00:25 Live in the moment and the obligatory Machine Head reference | 

1:02:00 Can there be a National Turn Your Phone Off Day??? | 

1:02:45 New Year's Resolutions, and why making sure your social media facts are correct. | 

1:06:00 Back to talking about Deadwood and the South Dakota turkey hunt. | 

1:03:45 Mike Magrew shout-out | 

1:07:00 His website  and how to get a hold of Patrick if you have any questions.