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Apr 30, 2016

"Turkey Hunting Tip 001 - Pre-Season Scouting"

I'm breaking down my very minimal pre-season scouting tactic in this 3 minute episode.


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Apr 27, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 144 - Sturgeon Spearing through the Ice in Wisconsin"

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Carrie is joined by Lee Schneider of Boot-Trac Adventures. They chat about sturgeon spearing scouting, cutting in, how to navigate the roads on the lake and they share their two biggest tips for first time spearers.

  • 01:04 World Dragon Shooting Day and the Cynical Saints
  • 03:15 I'll be hunting turkeys in IL w/Sharkey Outfitters be sure to follow me on Periscope @Carrie Zylka
  • 04:00 Introduction to Boot-Trac Adventures
  • 05:00 Introduction to Sturgeon Spearing
  • 08:30 How weather has affected the 2016 sturgeon harvest.
  • 11:00 The largest sturgeon taken as of the time of this recording.
  • 11:30 Scouting for sturgeon spearing season.
  • 12:30 The three top things sturgeon eat during the winter.
  • 14:00 Navigating the roads plowed/maintained by the fisheries on the lake.
  • 17:30 The day before the season starts and cutting in.
  • 20:00 Dark houses and interesting shanties.
  • 23:00 Lee's top tip for a first time spearers.
  • 23:30 Carrie's top tip for a first time spearers.
  • 25:00 Where you can watch the Boot-Trac Adventures tv show.



Apr 20, 2016

"Finding Private Land Open to Public Hunting in Wisconsin". Carrie is talking to WI Department of Natural Resources Forester Julie Peltier, about hunting on private land that is open to  the public.

Apr 13, 2016

"142 - Shooting Dragons! How two archers are saving the world, one arrow at a time."

Listen in as Dorothy and Wyatt join me to talk about a unique archery event!


Apr 6, 2016

"141 - Oregon - Hunting Elk with Cody Rich of the Rich Outdoors Podcast"

A continuation of the conversation with Cody Rich about hunting in Blacktail in Oregon on episode 126. Only now we’re transitioning over to elk hunting in Oregon.

Listen in as Cody tells us how his sister went from “let the bunnies run free” to “hardcore bowhunter” and her very first elk hunt.

Mar 30, 2016

140 - Oregon - Hunting Blacktail with Cody Rich of  the Rich Outdoors Podcast.

Cody stops by to chat about hunting in Oregon!

  • 3:30 Introduction to Cody Rich, how he got into podcasting and more about his show The Rich Outdoors.
  • 6:45 Blacktail compared to whitetail and mule deer and why you should consider Oregon for Blacktail hunting.
  • 8:15 Differences between the whitetail states and the blacktail states in regards to hunting tactics.
  • 9:30 Public land in Oregon and what to expect while hunting there.
  • 11:30 If Carrie were to head to Oregon what species would she go for?
  • 13:45 General thoughts on DIY hunts
  • 15:20 Tags & Licenses (Licenses/Tag costs can be found here:
  • 16:45 Season Dates
  • 20:00 Whitetails in Oregon
Mar 23, 2016

"Why Fishermen Should Visit Eau Claire, Wisconsin - WI Fishing Expo"

A 6 minute episode explaining this fisherman's paradise!! Listen in to find out about walleye, trout, musky and sturgeon!

Plus a campground recommendation and where to get the best steak in the area.

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Mar 16, 2016

"HuntFishTravel Podcast Ep138 122 - Interview with Paul Leitner-Wise, Our Business is Death & Business is Good (NSFW)"

In this (Not Safe For Work) episode I'm sitting down with Paul Leitner-Wise and we chat about the company itself, the out of the box design process, how they earned the nicknames "Maverick" and "Outlaws" and then we discuss their line of interesting, vulgar and epic tee shirts.

01:45 Who is Paul and what Leitner-Wise is.
03:15 The most epic Mission Statement ever written.
06:00 How they handle negative responses
07:25 How to handle problem customers...the Leitner-Wise way.
08:15 What product is Leitner-Wise really known for.
11:00 Paul's creative design process.
12:30 How one acquires a nickname like "Maverick" or "Outlaw"
15:30 The story behind "Our Business is Death and Business is Good"
22:00 Why customizing your gun is so trendy.
24:40 Paul's favorite memory while working in this industry.
27:00 What's new for 2016 - a modular handgun a .308 rifle and more.

Mar 9, 2016

Ep 137 Interview with Patrick Flanigan, Turkey Hunting and Hilariously Random Subjects

Show notes:

One of the most random episodes I’ve ever recorded, Patrick Flanigan stops by to chat about what’s going on with the Xtreme Team, the Spray & Pray Tour and what the future holds for him.

And then we reminisce about turkey hunting, plan my 40th birthday in Hawaii and head down about a dozen random rabbit holes.

It’s pretty amusing…


05:30 What kind of hunting Patrick enjoys | 

08:11 The biggest difference hunting Oshkosh, WI vs Black Hills, SD | 

11:10 How he got involved in extreme shooting in the first place. | 

12:50 9 Time World Record - what they all are. | 

15:00 Guinness World Record for Drumming | 

17:45 Our musical tastes | 

18:35 Deer Hunting season wrap up | 

21:00 Mule deer hunting in SD and scheduling woes | 

23:00 SD Trespassers and how he deals with them | 

23:45 Spray & Pray Tour (Patrick’s mentored show) | 

27:45 Hawaiian epicness for Carrie's 40th birthday | 

29:15 Patrick’s top 3 tips for new shooters | 

30:15 A little motivation for the listeners | 

32:55 Did you know Patrick has three daughters? A blond, a red head and a brunette! | 

34:55 Blooper - Patrick’s most embarrassing (but funny) blooper. | 

39:05 Patrick’s most favorite memory of being in the business. | 

44:25 Dealing with haters and womanizing in the industry | 

50:05 A saturated market - how to stand out | 

56:30 Motivational speaking gigs | 

57:18 What's up for 2016 | 

1:00:25 Live in the moment and the obligatory Machine Head reference | 

1:02:00 Can there be a National Turn Your Phone Off Day??? | 

1:02:45 New Year's Resolutions, and why making sure your social media facts are correct. | 

1:06:00 Back to talking about Deadwood and the South Dakota turkey hunt. | 

1:03:45 Mike Magrew shout-out | 

1:07:00 His website  and how to get a hold of Patrick if you have any questions.

Mar 2, 2016

“HuntFishTravel 136 - Food Plots with Horny Buck Seed Co” Doug Kostreva stops by to explain how the company got its name, considerations for planting a food plot, how to hunt over one and then he goes on a rant as epic as any I've ever gone on.

1:40 Horny Buck Seed back story
5:35 How Doug handled some bullying that occurred with his children.
10:10 What types of food plots can you plant? Food Plot or Shot Plot?
15:00 Where to get a soil testing kit.
17:00 Why cutting corners should be avoided.
20:00 What you should be considering for your spring food plots now, in winter.
23:00 Is there such a thing as a "Winter Food plot"?
25:00 Recommendations for hunting over an established food plot.
28:00 How Horny Buck Seed got its name.
37:00 Chris Brackett Shout Out.
40:00 What's on the horizon for Horny Buck Seed.
44:00 A hunter vs hunter rant "kill what you want and stop being a jerk".
54:00 Contact info for Horny Buck Seed.

Check out for more information.

Feb 24, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 135 - Success in Michigan and Hunting Illinois with Sharkey Outfitters"

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Brandon Hammonds of the Take Aim Outdoors Podcast joins me as a special co-host this week.

We're talking to Rob Sharkey of Sharkey Outfitters about hunting Illinois with his unique almost DIY style outfit.

01:15 Brandon tells us the story about his Michigan buck.

02:50 Non Resident MI Tag Increase

04:15 Sharkey Outfitters

05:30 DIY and Outfitting crossover

07:30 Why consider IL for whitetails

08:00 Nightmare tales from an Outfitter

10:45 Travel Logistics

11:30 Haunted Hunting Lodge!!

14:00 Non Resident tag costs

14:45 Favorite B&B - Shallowbrook

15:30 Carrie's shotgun season hunt

25:30 Final tips for incoming hunters.

26:30 Where to find Sharkey Outfitters

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Feb 17, 2016

Gator Hunting in Mississippi.

This week I'm joined by Ed Geppert and Dave Jackson, we're talking about how an Illinois boy got involved with with gator hunting down in Mississippi, how a non resident can hunt them, tactics for hunting and securing them, how to tell if it's a male or female and of course...shenanigans.

Jan 13, 2016

#ATA2016 - CanAm, New Breed Archery, Bohning Archery, Mossy Oak, Nikon, QDMA, Shawn Michaels& Keith Mark

Nov 9, 2015

HuntFishTravel "Funny Hunting Stories and Hunter Energy Levels with Baker Leavitt of Kill Cliff".

Baker stops by to chat with Carrie and Rachel. Listen in to find out what a "Turkey Bear" is, which continent was his favorite to hunt and how Kill Cliff is involved with the US Navy.

Oct 13, 2015

"Alligator Hunting in Alabama with Andy Gagliano of the Turkey Hunter Podcast - Part 2"

Part 2 of the Alabama Alligator episode with Andy Gagliano of the Turkey Hunter Podcast.

9:30 tag lottery. 
13:00 Alligator Guides and Outfitters.
15:30 Can you hunt alligator on your own?
20:00 Alligator hunting tactics.
20:30 Email address where you can send hatemail.
21:00 Weapon requirements.
26:00 Legal harvest size.
31:00 Did Andy get his alligator???
38:07 Suggestions for someone looking to hunt alligators in Alabama.
41:30 Can you hunt them if you don't have a boat?
45:00 Down the rabbit hole (again) - random tv shows from back in the day.

The Turkey Hunter Podcast - The Texas Decoy Massacre

Sep 23, 2015

Andy Gagliano joins Rachel and Carrie and hilarity ensues...

"Shenanigans - Carrie's Burning Down Tents, Rachel's Chumming for Salmon and Andy's talking DIY Turkey Hunting Ebooks!"

1:30 - Andy offers to play the calypso intro on his stomach  
3:25 - What is the Turkey Hunter Podcast?  
8:15 - Carrie's burning down tents.  
12:40 - How Rachel Burned a Hole in Joe Swit's (Host of the Pursuit to the Plate Podcast) Ice Shanty.  
15:15 - Rachel's Salmon Fishing Tournament  
20:00 - Andy is a turkey killing machine and an explanation of his DIY Turkey Hunting Ebook.  
27:30 - Alabama is known for hunting___you'll be surprised at the answer.  


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Sep 4, 2015

In this funny episode, Alex Gouthro of Moose Madness takes me step by step how to make a moose call using my face.

2:30 About Moose Madness

3:30 Moose Sub Species. 

4:30 Minimum Calibers/Draw Weight needed to kill a moose.

6:00 Difference in Outfitter Prices.

8:00 Suggestions on where a first time moose hunter should go.

8:45 Which calling tactic to use.

11:30 How to find moose even when you're not hunting and tips on photographing them.

13:30 Step by step instruction on how to make a moose call using your sinus cavities and fingers.

Aug 5, 2015

"Hunting Illinois - Whitetail Leases with Take Aim".

This week we're chatting with Brandon Hammonds from the Take Aim Podcast. He'll give us the run down on why Illinois is a great option for out of state hunters.

1:00 What is Take Aim?

1:30 Why choose Illinois instead of Michigan.

5:30 Tips for finding and getting permission to a lease.

7:45 Average lease prices in Illinois.

11:30 Tips for hunting Illinois public land.

14:30 Illinois weapon requirements and season lengths.

16:45 Illinois license costs.

22:30 tips for hunting Illinois.


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Jul 27, 2015

"Trail Cameras 101"

Who doesn't love trail cameras? But using them successfully can be a challenge. Carrie is chatting with Boyd Barnett and he's going to run the gamut when it comes to how to set up, where to set up and how to not get your trail camera stolen.

0:35 Practical Applications for using a trail camera

4:30 Where to place the cameras on the property

7:20 Setting the Camera over a rub

9:15 how far off the trail should the camera be placed

11:25 does the type of tree matter?

13:35 How often should I check the trail camera?

17:40 how to keep you trail camera from getting stolen



Jul 20, 2015

#SharkWeek Special Episode - Shark Fishing in Massachusetts (where Jaws was filmed!!) with Captain Greg Sears of Mass Bay Charters.

Jul 6, 2015

This week we're joined by Trent Marsh and we are chatting about the Spring Cast & Blast turkey hunt in Kansas put on by the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.

Accommodations and restaurants. Army Ammunition Plant safety brief, Wednesday and Thursday hunt. Carrie's crazy solo hunt.

Jun 8, 2015

Fishing for Salmon on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

In this episode we're talking to Lisa Montgomery about fishing in Alaska, Rachel has been there for a bear viewing session and Carrie is already looking up airfare and budgets.

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May 26, 2015

Hunting Antelope in Africa

Willem Frost of Matlabas Game Hunters and I have a serious discussion on Antelope biology, and why they are different than Pronghorn. We talk about poaching and why anti-hunting groups actually promote poaching without realizing it. And then he gives us 10 Tips for choosing an African Outfitter and some in depth hunting tactics for hunting antelope.

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May 8, 2015

"Boulder Junction, WI - Fishing & Vacationing at White Birch Village Resort"

Rachel and Carrie talk about Carrie's experience in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin last June.

Jigging for walleye, sight fishing for bass and casting for muskies and staying at a resort that was out of this world!

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Apr 25, 2015

"Buffalo County, Wisconsin - Hunting Whitetail Deer with High Tines Outfitters"

Whitetail Deer hunters dream of hunting the infamous Buffalo County; land of Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett giants.


This week I'm talking to Dean Mense of High Tines Outfitters.  He tells us how reasonable it can be to hunt there, especially if you've never hunted in Wisconsin before, why that particular section of the state produces such monster bucks and what the area offers for non hunters or for the hunter that filled their tag on the first day.


High Tines Outfitters
1st Time Wisconsin Hunter Incentive
Travel to Buffalo County, Wisconsin


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