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Hunt Fish Travel Podcast with Carrie Z, a podcast about hunting and fishing the world. (HuntFishTravel)

Nov 14, 2018

"Fall Salmon Fishing in Wisconsin with Cory Yarmuth Part 1"


Topics covered in this episode:

  • Complete rod and reel setups for fall salmon fishing.
  • Why salmon strike a lure.
  • Why salmon “eat” spawn.
  • If he recommends using glow lures or not and why they may not be as effective as you may think.
  • Explains why you should be ready when you see someone else catch one.
  • What depth should you fish?
  • What hook to use in order to keep from losing fish.
  • Bait color suggestions.
  • Why you should skip live bait in the fall.
  • Why you may catch trout instead of salmon.