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Hunt Fish Travel Podcast with Carrie Z, a podcast about hunting and fishing the world. (HuntFishTravel)

Apr 17, 2024

HuntFishTravel Podcast Episode 237 - Hunting Arrow Tech, Kinetic Energy, Hunting vs Basic Arrows, and so Much More with Gary Cornum of Easton Archery


In this Throwback episode of the HuntFishTravel Podcast, host Carrie Zylka interviews Gary Cornam, the marketing manager for Easton Archery. They discuss the different types of arrows and their benefits for bow hunting. They also talk about the new products for 2013, including the injection arrows and the Deep Six technology. Cornam explains the difference between hunting arrows and basic arrows, and the advantages of using a full metal jacket arrow. He emphasizes the importance of kinetic energy and accuracy in bow hunting. In this conversation, Carrie and Gary discuss the importance of arrows in archery and bowhunting. They cover topics such as flat shooting, arrow selection based on speed and kinetic energy, the design of Easton's new access traditional arrow, the physics of arrows including kinetic energy and momentum, and the importance of shot placement and penetration. They also touch on the concept of kinetic energy density and the minimum requirements for kinetic energy in relation to hunting different species. Gary emphasizes the importance of accuracy and finding the right arrow for each individual's needs.



Easton Archery is a leading manufacturer of arrows for bow hunting
Different types of arrows have different benefits for specific hunting situations
The injection arrows and Deep Six technology offer improved performance and accuracy
A full metal jacket arrow is recommended for hunting whitetails from a tree stand
Maximizing kinetic energy and accuracy are key factors in successful bow hunting Flat shooting arrows are designed for speed and a flatter trajectory, which is beneficial for longer shots and 3D shooting.
Arrow selection should consider a balance between speed and kinetic energy, with shot placement being the key factor for hunting success.
Easton's new access traditional arrow is designed with inspiration from Doug Easton's original arrows and offers a throwback look with modern performance.
Kinetic energy is important for driving the broadhead through the target, and shorter draw archers may need to focus on maximizing kinetic energy due to their lower power stroke.
Kinetic energy density, which focuses energy into a smaller diameter, can lead to increased penetration and is an important factor to consider when choosing arrows.
There are no specific minimum requirements for kinetic energy in relation to hunting legally, but a threshold of around 40 foot pounds is often recommended for big game hunting.
Accuracy and shot placement are more important than maximizing kinetic energy, and choosing the right arrow can help increase energy without sacrificing accuracy.
Easton offers a wide range of arrows for different types of archery and archers of all sizes and skill levels.



Introducing the New Products for 2013
Choosing the Right Arrows for Bow Hunting Easton: A Wide Range of Arrows for Every Archer
Introducing Easton's New Access Traditional Arrow



00:00 Introduction and Sponsorship
07:10 Advantages of the Full Metal Jacket Arrow
33:25 Understanding the Physics of Arrows
40:21 Exploring Kinetic Energy Density
47:32 The Importance of Accuracy