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Hunt Fish Travel Podcast with Carrie Z, a podcast about hunting and fishing the world. (HuntFishTravel)

Mar 30, 2016

144 - Oregon - Hunting Blacktail with Cody Rich of the Rich Outdoors Podcast.

Cody stops by to chat about hunting in Oregon!

  • 3:30 Introduction to Cody Rich, how he got into podcasting and more about his show The Rich Outdoors.
  • 6:45 Blacktail compared to whitetail and mule deer and why you should consider Oregon...

Mar 23, 2016

143 - Why Fishermen Should Visit Eau Claire, Wisconsin - WI Fishing Expo

A 6 minute episode explaining this fisherman's paradise!! Listen in to find out about walleye, trout, musky and sturgeon!

Plus a campground recommendation and where to get the best steak in the area.