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Jun 19, 2017

5 years! Can you believe it? I just want to share a quick thank you with you so listen in!

Thanks to the Black Man with a Gun & the Rut and River Pursuits Podcasts for their well wishes!

Mar 22, 2017

"HuntFishTravel 179 - Jana Waller, Alaska Moose Hunt and Working in the Hunting Industry"

Jana Waller stops by to give me the low down on her Alaskan moose hunt, how they had to rent horse, but the wrangler couldn't come get them after they'd filled their tags so they decided to hoof it out!

She gives us some packing tips and why (as a fellow Milwaukee-an) the dread of crypto is real in the back country.

And then we talk candidly about working in the outdoor industry and all it's quirks.


Check out Jana's show on the Sportsman Channel and be sure to find her on all the social media platforms under "SkullboundTV".

Mar 8, 2017

#HuntFishTravel 178 - Hunting Dogs 101 with Ron Boehme of the Hunting Dog Podcast

This week we're chatting with Ron Boehme of the Hunting Dog Podcast.

We’re running the gamut on this episode, homeowner considerations, what breed is right for you, breed considerations for where you live, crates, choosing a professional trainer, training tips for doing it yourself and what to do with an older dog you’d like to train for hunting.

Plus Ron tells us the funniest turkey hunting story I've ever heard....

Check out Ron’s show The Hunting Dog Podcast.

Listen to Carrie's Hail Mary Turkey Hunt here.


Jan 11, 2017

"HuntFishTravel 174 - 2016 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2017 with Take Aim Outdoors"


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I'm shooting the breeze with Brandon Hammonds of the Take Aim Podcast about 2016, hits and misses and how we are going to shake things up in 2017.

We talk about our hunts in 2016, hunts and trips we have coming up in 2017, the Archery Trade Association Convention and hunting leases.

Dec 28, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 173 - Colorado Antelope with the Bowdudes"

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This episode is a hilarious hot mess.

We’re talking to Jack and Gary from the Bowdudes about their Colorado pronghorn hunt with Fred Eichler and Full Draw Outfitters.

Meanwhile we have some pretty serious speakerphone echo, a grandfather clock that chimes at regular intervals, answering machines taking calls in the background and conversations about pooping in the desert.


  • 3:15 Why Colorado for a pronghorn hunt?
  • 6:00 Accommodations and what to expect at Full Draw Outfitters.
  • 9:00 White trash bags vs black trash bags and what they mean for doing your business!
  • 10:00 Was Jack in his underwear when he shot his antelope? I don’t think I actually need to answer that…
  • 11:00 Shot distances
  • 12:45 using shoot through netting with expandables.
  • 14:30 The hunt
  • 21:00 Using live horses as decoys
  • 26:00 things you see while hunting
  • 28:00 Snakes in the blind and cougars too!
  • 31:00 Biggest challenges.
  • 33:00 10 gallon buckets
  • 38:00 Temps, elevation, shot yardage and scent prevention
  • 40:30 Filming considerations
Dec 14, 2016

#HuntFishTravel Ep 172- 2016 WI Deer Gun Opener Preview with Kevin Wallenfang, DNR


In this episode we're talking about the new regulations, how many licenses were sold last year and how many deer taken, blaze pink and Kevin's #1 tip for a new hunter heading out into the woods this weekend.

Nov 30, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 171 - Hunting the Rut - Your Questions Answered with Kip Adams of the QDMA"

What are the top three questions people ask Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association about hunting the rut? Listen in to find out!

00:00 Wisconsin Opening Day & catching up with Eric Clark from Where to Hunt Podcast

12:30 Pennysylvania opening day
13:30 New Hampshire opening day

15:00 What would you say is the number 1 question hunters ask you about hunting the rut?

15:00 Q1 - "When is the rut going to happen in my area"

17:00 If you could pinpoint two days to be in the woods, two days that should not be missed what would they be?
18:00 How does pre-rut impact hunters and GPS collared deer
20:25 Monitoring scrape use and how to be careful monitoring them during peak breeding season.
22:45 Where deer prefer mock scrapes to be
23:30 monitoring mock scrapes on public.

24:00 Q2 - "Why am I not seeing any activity?"

27:00 No hot does in the area? How to fool them
29:00 What the GPS collared deer have taught us about their behavior during the hunting season and the type of terrain they prefer.
31:05 How to hunt the second weekend of rifle season after they've been pushed.
32:30 Where the average person can find GPS tracking data

36:10 Q3 What is the best strategy for hunting the rut.
39:30 If you're hunting public what kind of food sources should you look for.

41:30 Listener Question: Can a buck's age fool you during the rut?

44:00 Final thoughts on hunting the rut.
46:00 New update for the Where to Hunt App -

Nov 16, 2016

"HuntFishTravel Ep 170 - Big Buck Hunting Tactics with Tom Indrebo of Bluff Country Outfitters"

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Soak up the fantastic info Tom Indrebo delivers in this episode. We cover all sorts of tactics for hunting big bucks, pre-rut, rut and post-rut.

  • 3:15 How a buck's personality and habits change from a 1 & 2 year old compared to a 3 & 4 year old
  • 9:15 Safety spots/bedrooms and where the big bucks are during the early season.
  • 12:00 If you're seeing a bunch of shooter bucks - how to tell if it's the biggest in the area.
  • 13:30 breeding cycles and when the big bucks are most vulnerable.
  • 14:30 What part of the rut is better for hunting the big bucks.
  • 15:00 What time of year to shoot does.
  • 16:30 Hunting Hub Scrapes & food sources
  • 19:15 Tips for stand placement. And which stand to hunt depending on what time of the year it is.
  • 23:00 The truth about hunting the same stand too much.
  • 25:30 Can you have too many stands on a property?
  • 29:00 deer decoys
  • 32:30 Biggest challenge Tom has faced dealing with clients as an outfitter.
  • 37:00 Everything's wet - where to hunt?
  • 38:30 The two top keys for hunting the late season.
  • 43:30 Contributing factors to why Buffalo and Trempealeau Counties produce so many P&Y and B&C trophy bucks.
  • 45:45 Hunters from Slovania!
  • 46:00 A typical day at Bluff Country Outfitters
  • 48:30 Turkey and Other Hunts Offered
  • 50:00 Contact info


Nov 2, 2016

"HuntFishTravel Episode 169 - Kentucky Predator Hunting with Jon Collins of Wired Outdoors and Tooth & Claw TV"

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Jon Collins tells Carrie about his home state of Kentucky, and why it's truly a gem to hunt. Then they discuss tactics for hunting coyote and why it's more humane than you would think.

1:30 Predators or whitetail deer and the Elk draw in Kentucky | 4:00 Thoughts on the job the KY DNR is doing, and the increase in wildlife. | 5:00 Should a public land hunter consider Kentucky? | 8:00 Non-Resident tags | 10:30 Tactics for hunting coyotes. | 16:30 Kamikaze Suicide Coyotes! | 17:30 Jon's backstory, Wired Outdoors and Tooth & Claw TV | 22:00 Jon Collins' favorite hunting story | 26:00 Why Carrie decided to go predator hunting and Jon's explanation how hunting is more humane than letting Mother Nature control the coyote population. | 28:00 Upcoming hunts for Jon.


Oct 19, 2016

"HuntFishTravel Ep 168 - Kandi Kisky of Whitetail Freaks on farming and hunting Iowa for big bucks."

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A really fun interview with Kandi Kisky - we cram a lot of information in less than 30 minutes!  

2:00 Farming Iowa |  

4:00 Why choose Iowa to hunt deer |  

5:30 Public land in IA |  

6:30 Quotas and getting a tag |  

7:45 Different whitetail states and how they compare to IA |  

8:00 Balancing the fall harvest with the fall hunting season |  

9:15 Planning their crops to maximize their hunting opportunities |  

10:15 brushing ground blinds into standing corn and different tactics for crop field vs timber |  

12:00 Tips for being where the bucks are instead of trying to bring them in |  

13:30 Kandi’s biggest challenge, buck fever and a big buck that taunted her |  

15:30 A great story of hunting with Tiffany Lakosky |  

16:45 How Kandi forgot to hit the record button on Don Kisky’s biggest buck |  

19:00 #1 tip for a new deer hunter |  

19:15 How Whitetail Freaks got started and stories of hunting with Dale Earnhardt, Ned Yost, Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton including Dale Earnhardt’s revenge on Michael Waddell in a rental car |  

23:30 How women like Brenda Valentine paved the way for women in the outdoors. |  

24:00 Where to find Kandi Kisky and Whitetail Freaks. |

Sep 21, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 166 - Texas - Hunting Whitetails with Austin Smith"

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Carrie and Austin chat about hunting in Texas, public and private as well as the differences between the regions.

01:00 why you should hunt Texas compared to other states

03:30 bad experience with ground blind

04:30 public and private land by region

09:00 Outfitter recommendations

14:00 clearing land and cutting lanes

16:00 seasons and license costs

21:00 #1 tip Austin gives to a non-resident coming to Texas to hunt

23:00 about Austin, his upcoming show and the social media channels where you can find him.



Sep 20, 2016

"HuntingTip 003 - Solo Deer Drive"

You actually don't need a bunch of people to do a deer drive, I'll explain how you can do it by yourself.

Find the details to the giveaway here:

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Sep 19, 2016

"HuntingTip 002 - Don't Poke Dead Things"

This week's hunting tip should be a no brainer - but listen in anyway. I'll tell you why you shouldn't poke dead things and what kind of photo I'll accept for the giveaway.

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Sep 18, 2016

"HuntingTip 001 - Homemade Cover Scent" How to create cover scent from scratch and stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway announcement!

Aug 31, 2016
"HuntFishTravel 162 - Maine - Hunting Black Bear with Michelle Harmes Outdoors"
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We're talking Bears in Maine!
  • 4:15 types of bears and Maine's bear conservation efforts and check in rules.
  • 6:30 hunting tactics
  • 7:00 6 Day Ladies Bear Hunt, details, costs and why you should go
  • 9:00 Non-resident tag options and costs
  • 10:00 dates of the 2016 Ladies hunt
  • 11:15 average size bear in Maine
  • 12:00 #1 Tip for Bear hunting
  • 15:00 What's coming up for MHO 
  • 16:00 Notes about the land the hunt takes place on
  • 17:45 Wounded Warrior who will be joining the Ladies Hunt
  • 18:30 Success Rates
Michelle Harmes Outdoors
Pleasant River Guide Service
Aug 24, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 161 South Dakota (Pt 2) - South Dakota - Wisconsinites Who Get Lost"

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Wisconsinites Getting Lost in South Dakota!

Part 2 of the South Dakota interview with Patrick Flanigan

00:30 Carrie gets lost in SD

21:00 Patrick gets lost in SD

26:30 straight up nonsense (yeti, Predator, UFO's and the real reason we got lost)

29:30 Where does Carrie podcast from?

31:30 Pat's super secret project.


...abducted by aliens!!


Jun 8, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 154 South Dakota (Pt 1) - Pheasant Hunting & Wingshooting School with Patrick Flanigan"

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In this part 1 of a 2 part episode, I get a chance to chat with Pat about his new wingshooting school and pheasant hunting in South Dakota.  

  • 01:00 Ultimate Shooter Showdown in Deadwood, South Dakota
  • 03:30 Turkey Season Shenanigans
  • 06:30 Waterfowl tags
  • 07:30 pheasant preserves in Wisconsin vs pheasant hunting in South Dakota
  • 09:00 Jim River Ranch  & Patrick Flanigan's Wingshooting School
  • 15:00 A day at Wingshoot School
  • 20:30 Carrie is impressed with the website
  • 22:00 Bigfoot? Really?
  • 22:30 big game hunting
  • 26:30 Conservation efforts attribute to pheasant success.

May 25, 2016

"#HuntFishTravel 152 - Montana - Using Scent Lures to Predator Hunt"

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Esai Cervantez a 27 year old entrepreneur joins me to chat about using scents to lure in predators, especially coyotes and why Montana is THE perfect place to test his products.

  • 01:25 Introduction to Old Cy's Outdoor Performance Products
  • 04:45 Why you should consider Montana
  • 06:45 public or outfitter for predator hunting?
  • 08:00 What time of day/night to hunt predators
  • 08:45 Luring predators with scents
  • 10:15 is using a lure baiting?
  • 11:00 Where should I set up?
  • 13:00 What time of year to use which lure: visual, scent or sound
  • 14:30 Non Resident License Prices
  • 16:00 #1 Tip for a new predator hunter
  • 16:45 Crazy story
  • 18:30 How the local universities have supported the scent lure research.

Find more about the products here:
On Twitter: @oldcys

May 11, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 150 - Montana - Hunting Mule Deer and General Archery Talk with Greg Misner of Bohning Archery"

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  • 01:15 Introduction to Greg Misner
  • 05:30 Bohning Archery Past, present & future
  • 07:30 Why Greg chose Montana for his Mule Deer hunt
  • 13:00 Non-Resident costs
  • 13:00 Bowcast at the Bird and Total Archery Challenge
  • 16:00 Oppurtunities to grow the sport of archery
  • 18:00 New and secret Bohning products
  • 21:00 How we are the biggest obstacles to our sport
  • 23:00 What new things in the archery industry is tripping Greg's trigger
  • 25:00 Upcoming events for Bohning
May 4, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 149 - Hunting Desert Quail in New Mexico W/Ultimate Upland"

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This week we're joined by Brian Koch of Ultimate Upland, he's going to give us the low down on his trip to New Mexico in search of the wily Desert Quail.

  • 1:00 Periscope
  • 5:00 23 hour drive to New Mexico
  • 7:00 New Mexico terrain and LOTS of snakes
  • 8:25 Crazy temperature swings
  • 9:30 Dogs and snakes and the insane cost of anti-venom treatments
  • 11:00 Everything in New Mexico wants to kill you
  • 13:30 The four species of Quail found in New Mexico and the difference in
  • dog hunting techniques.
  • 16:00 Quail Slams
  • 14:55 Why Brian chose New Mexico to hunt
  • 19:00 Lodging options
  • 20:00 Cost of non-resident tags
  • 21:00 How the dogs handled the Desert Quail escape tactics
  • 23:30 The #1 favorite thing about hunting New Mexico.
  • 25:00 Photos from the trip



Apr 20, 2016

"Finding Private Land Open to Public Hunting in Wisconsin". Carrie is talking to WI Department of Natural Resources Forester Julie Peltier, about hunting on private land that is open to  the public.

Apr 6, 2016

"141 - Oregon - Hunting Elk with Cody Rich of the Rich Outdoors Podcast"

A continuation of the conversation with Cody Rich about hunting in Blacktail in Oregon on episode 126. Only now we’re transitioning over to elk hunting in Oregon.

Listen in as Cody tells us how his sister went from “let the bunnies run free” to “hardcore bowhunter” and her very first elk hunt.

Mar 30, 2016

140 - Oregon - Hunting Blacktail with Cody Rich of  the Rich Outdoors Podcast.

Cody stops by to chat about hunting in Oregon!

  • 3:30 Introduction to Cody Rich, how he got into podcasting and more about his show The Rich Outdoors.
  • 6:45 Blacktail compared to whitetail and mule deer and why you should consider Oregon for Blacktail hunting.
  • 8:15 Differences between the whitetail states and the blacktail states in regards to hunting tactics.
  • 9:30 Public land in Oregon and what to expect while hunting there.
  • 11:30 If Carrie were to head to Oregon what species would she go for?
  • 13:45 General thoughts on DIY hunts
  • 15:20 Tags & Licenses (Licenses/Tag costs can be found here:
  • 16:45 Season Dates
  • 20:00 Whitetails in Oregon
Mar 2, 2016

“HuntFishTravel 136 - Food Plots with Horny Buck Seed Co” Doug Kostreva stops by to explain how the company got its name, considerations for planting a food plot, how to hunt over one and then he goes on a rant as epic as any I've ever gone on.

1:40 Horny Buck Seed back story
5:35 How Doug handled some bullying that occurred with his children.
10:10 What types of food plots can you plant? Food Plot or Shot Plot?
15:00 Where to get a soil testing kit.
17:00 Why cutting corners should be avoided.
20:00 What you should be considering for your spring food plots now, in winter.
23:00 Is there such a thing as a "Winter Food plot"?
25:00 Recommendations for hunting over an established food plot.
28:00 How Horny Buck Seed got its name.
37:00 Chris Brackett Shout Out.
40:00 What's on the horizon for Horny Buck Seed.
44:00 A hunter vs hunter rant "kill what you want and stop being a jerk".
54:00 Contact info for Horny Buck Seed.

Check out for more information.

Feb 24, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 135 - Success in Michigan and Hunting Illinois with Sharkey Outfitters"

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Brandon Hammonds of the Take Aim Outdoors Podcast joins me as a special co-host this week.

We're talking to Rob Sharkey of Sharkey Outfitters about hunting Illinois with his unique almost DIY style outfit.

01:15 Brandon tells us the story about his Michigan buck.

02:50 Non Resident MI Tag Increase

04:15 Sharkey Outfitters

05:30 DIY and Outfitting crossover

07:30 Why consider IL for whitetails

08:00 Nightmare tales from an Outfitter

10:45 Travel Logistics

11:30 Haunted Hunting Lodge!!

14:00 Non Resident tag costs

14:45 Favorite B&B - Shallowbrook

15:30 Carrie's shotgun season hunt

25:30 Final tips for incoming hunters.

26:30 Where to find Sharkey Outfitters

Find us at:

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