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Hunt Fish Travel Podcast with Carrie Z, a podcast about hunting and fishing the world. (HuntFishTravel)

Nov 30, 2016

"HuntFishTravel 171 - Hunting the Rut - Your Questions Answered with Kip Adams of the QDMA"

What are the top three questions people ask Wildlife Biologist Kip Adams of the Quality Deer Management Association about hunting the rut? Listen in to find out!

00:00 Wisconsin Opening Day & catching up with Eric Clark from Where to Hunt Podcast

12:30 Pennysylvania opening day
13:30 New Hampshire opening day

15:00 What would you say is the number 1 question hunters ask you about hunting the rut?

15:00 Q1 - "When is the rut going to happen in my area"

17:00 If you could pinpoint two days to be in the woods, two days that should not be missed what would they be?
18:00 How does pre-rut impact hunters and GPS collared deer
20:25 Monitoring scrape use and how to be careful monitoring them during peak breeding season.
22:45 Where deer prefer mock scrapes to be
23:30 monitoring mock scrapes on public.

24:00 Q2 - "Why am I not seeing any activity?"

27:00 No hot does in the area? How to fool them
29:00 What the GPS collared deer have taught us about their behavior during the hunting season and the type of terrain they prefer.
31:05 How to hunt the second weekend of rifle season after they've been pushed.
32:30 Where the average person can find GPS tracking data

36:10 Q3 What is the best strategy for hunting the rut.
39:30 If you're hunting public what kind of food sources should you look for.

41:30 Listener Question: Can a buck's age fool you during the rut?

44:00 Final thoughts on hunting the rut.
46:00 New update for the Where to Hunt App -