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Hunt Fish Travel Podcast with Carrie Z, a podcast about hunting and fishing the world. (HuntFishTravel)

Mar 22, 2017

"HuntFishTravel 179 - Jana Waller, Alaska Moose Hunt and Working in the Hunting Industry"

Jana Waller stops by to give me the low down on her Alaskan moose hunt, how they had to rent horse, but the wrangler couldn't come get them after they'd filled their tags so they decided to hoof it out!

She gives us some packing tips and why (as a fellow Milwaukee-an) the dread of crypto is real in the back country.

And then we talk candidly about working in the outdoor industry and all it's quirks.


Check out Jana's show on the Sportsman Channel and be sure to find her on all the social media platforms under "SkullboundTV".